So, the question we’re looking at is how to text your ex back? Are there any secrets you can employ to make sure that he/she gets back with you? We’ll address many such questions in this article, but first let me break a bad news as well as good news to you. The bad news is that there is no particular text message you can use which will guarantee that he/she will get back to you 100%. The positive news is that there are certain promising tips you can make use of to at least make him/her think seriously about giving it a fresh start.

Please keep in mind that the methods we will touch upon in this article are not to be used in the absence of a well laid out plan. If you manage to arrange a meeting with him/her by sending him/her that perfect text message, but have nothing to say when you meet, he/she may not entertain you again and it may be the end of the road for you. It is of great importance that you become aware of things you need to do once you have slightly drawn him/her back into your life.

Let’s now discuss the three most important methods of literally forcing him/her to get back in touch with you after reading that message.

Use the curiosity factor – There is nothing that works as better as the curiosity card. However stupid it may sound, consider the idea of letting your girlfriend/boyfriend know that you are thankful for the favor she/he has done to you. In all likelihood, she/he may not get any sleep at all that night after reading your text message. This method works 99% and is a surefire way of making him/her sending you a return text message or calling you back. There are several different methods of employing curiosity. Put on your thinking hat and study your situation carefully. While it is important to think out of the box, you must also be honest and ensure that your story is convincing enough. Never lie to him/her to get that callback. Make sure you have a true story to tell him/her when you receive that call.

Apologize in a gentle manner – There is nothing that can portray you as a confident and mature person than offering an effective apology. In case it is you who is in the wrong, there is nothing wrong in apologizing. An effective apology is one wherein you accept your mistake and express regret for your actions. It is important that you understand the anger and feelings of your ex without getting overly needy or excited. And gentle apology will make you come across as a mature and civilized man/woman.

Your message must imply that you are in a good and happy space – There is no need to directly mention that you are very happy. It is important to use implicit methods of communicating that all is okay with you and you are feeling good. Perhaps, you can tell him/her in a casual manner that something amazing has happened, without getting into the details. It is important to play both the curiosity and happy image card to make him/her get that urge to get back in touch with you.

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