Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams (2023)

Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams (1)

Bendigo's Nathan Fitzpatrick. The fourth-placed Goers play Eaglehawk at Canterbury Park in the BDCA on Saturday. Picture by Darren Howe


12.30pm Saturday at Canterbury Park.

Both sides head into this clash at Canterbury Park on the back of wins last week.

The Goers occupy fourth spot on the ladder, while the Hawks are nine points behind in seventh position making this is a vital afternoon in their quest to stay in the hunt for a finals berth.

Bendigo bowler Dylan Johnstone will be looking to pick up from where he left off last week following his six-wicket haul in the win over White Hills that now gives him 19 scalps for the season.

The Hawks have welcomed back some experience into their batting line-up with the first XI return last week of Anthony West, who showed good signs immediately with a first-up knock of 57.

Would be hard to see the Hawks making the finals from here if beaten and they are always a tough proposition at home, but on the body of work from both sides so far this season fancy the Goers getting over the line.

Last time - Bendigo 3-163 def Eaglehawk 8-160.

Tip - Bendigo.

Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams (2)

Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams


12.30pm Saturday at Strauch Reserve.

Looks a mis-match on paper given it's the undefeated Suns taking on the winless Power, but one of the great aspects of sport is anything can happen.

And you've only got to look back a little under 12 months ago to see just that when the two sides were in the same position - Huntly on the bottom and the Suns on top - and the Power pulled off a huge upset by winning by 27 runs at Strauch Reserve.

The Suns will be skippered for the third week in a row by Jack Neylon with Cameron Taylor - coming off his Victoria Country duties - unavailable, while after making a century in the second XI last week, Josh Simpson has earned a well-deserved call-up back to the first XI.

Last time - Strathdale-Maristians 8-290 def Huntly North 181.

Tip - Strathdale-Maristians.

Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams (3)

Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams


12.30pm Saturday at Scott Street.

The Demons and Jets have played out some competitive contests in recent seasons, but it's the Jets who have had the upper hand winning their past three.

The Jets continue to tick off the wins with eight under their belt now and being two games clear in second position are well on the way to a double chance.

With 5-41 against Huntly North last week Jets' left-arm spinner Savith Priyan is now the competition leading wicket-taker with 20.

Huge inclusion for White Hills with the return of opening batsman Brayden Stepien after representing Victoria Country and earning a berth in the All-Australian team at the Australian Country Cricket Championships in Canberra.

With 310 runs in his past four hits for White Hills, fair to say the Jets will want to see the back of Stepien early.

Then again, the Demons would be saying the same about Jets' opener Pat Felmingham given the flyers he has got Strathfieldsaye away to recently.

Last time - Strathfieldsaye 6-159 def White Hills 156.

Tip - Strathfieldsaye.

Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams (4)

Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams


12.30pm Saturday at Weeroona Oval.

While Kangaroo Flat is tracking along solidly in third place on the ladder, only need to slip on the proverbial "banana peel" to find themselves very much with a finals fight on their hands.

The Roos are only nine points clear of sixth-placed White Hills, so certainly can't afford to rest on their laurels.

Roos' captain Jake Klemm with scores of 58 (v Strathdale), 29 (v Bendigo), 56 n.o. (v Huntly North) and 113 (v White Hills) in his past four hits is one of the competition's form batsmen.

Since beating Huntly North by 10 wickets in round six the Dragons have lost their past four games - three in which they have been bowled out for under 150.

Last time - Kangaroo Flat 7-140 def Sandhurst 139.

Tip - Kangaroo Flat.

Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams (5)

Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams


12.30pm Saturday at Harry Trott Oval.

Three losses in a row has all but put an end to Bendigo United's finals hopes, with the Redbacks now 18 points outside the top four.

However, Golden Square is right in the finals hunt after back-to-back wins over Sandhurst and Huntly North in their two games since the season resumed.

The Bulldogs now find themselves just half-a-game outside the top four.

Skipper Liam Smith is certainly leading the way with the bat having top-scored for Square in each of its past four games with knocks of 46 (v Sandhurst), 97 n.o. (v Huntly North), 64 (v White Hills) and 43 (v Strathfieldsaye).

Last time - Golden Square 1-141 def Bendigo United 7-140.

Tip - Golden Square.

Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams (6)

Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams

Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams (7)

Bendigo District Cricket Association round 11 preview, weekend teams



1st XI (vs. Eaglehawk)

James Ryan (c), Kyle Humphrys, Dylan Johnstone, Bailey George, Kyle Chant, Nathan Fitzpatrick, Bailey Goodwin, Joel Bothe, Xav Ryan, Malin Adikari, Craig Pearce, Oliver Ryan

2nd XI (vs. Eaglehawk)

Scott Dole (c), Dylan Lovell, Liam Gaskell, Lachie Nicholson, Kynan Gard, Harper Hodgens, Samuel Lewis, Deacon Marsh, Samuel Moran, Mark Ryan, Chris Squibb, Robert Glen

3rd XI (vs. Eaglehawk)

Clinton Lawson (c), Wayne Saunders, Randhir Bhinder, Ajay Mishra, Terry Myers, Anil Ami, Kevin Jayawardena, Jesse Felle, Dilruk Fernando, Glenn Franzi, Scott Sandercock, Matthew Gray

Under 18 (vs. Strathfieldsaye)

Lachie Nicholson, Nick Rowley, Oliver Ryan, Owen Brasher, Charlie Warren, Eddie Gingell, Harper Hodgens, Aidan Goddard, Bodhi Robinson, Fletcher Atherton, Gabe Nevins, Deacon Marsh, Samuel Moran

Bendigo United

1st XI (vs. Golden Square)

Clayton Holmes (c), Stephen Barrett, Joshua Thurston, Marcus Mangiameli, Riley Treloar, Samuel Langley, Harrison Donegan, Miggy Podosky, Will Thrum, Thomas Starr, Jake Thrum

2nd XI (vs. Golden Square)

Marcus Smalley (c), Adam Rady, Nicholas Williamson, Nicholas Crawford, Darcy Mills, Wil Pinniger, Billy Bassett, Harry Sheilds, Eamon Austin, Leigh McDermott, Hugh Behrens, Henry Rathjen, Ashley Younghusband

3rd XI (vs. Golden Square)

Curtis Tuohey (c), Connor Aldous, Hayden Smith, Alexander Culvenor, Connor Thomson, Matthew Beck, Mark Di Fede, Brenden Younghusband, Malachy Lahtz, Aidan Clemens, Joshua Wright, Ian Clemens

Under 18 (vs. Kangaroo Flat)

No team provided

4th XI (vs. Kangaroo Flat)

No team provided


1st XI (vs. Bendigo)

Nicholas Farley (c), Nathan Walsh, Daniel Major, Aaron Monro, Cameron McGlashan, Anthony West, Cory Jacobs, Benjamin Williams, Tain Piercy, Angus Chisholm, Taj Taylor

2nd XI (vs. Bendigo)

Thomas Saker (c), Jacob Murley, Joshua Williams, Matt Ford, Matthew Fitt, Samuel Williams, Sam Fitt, Mitchell Graham, Campbell Richards, Harvey White, Fletcher Good, Michael Peters

3rd XI (vs. Bendigo)

Andrew Nisbet (c), Bradley Muns, Corey Henson, Scott Lawry, Rhys Smith, Lachlan Hall, Ben Trew, Jason Abbott, Ryan Threlfall, Shane Herdman, Daryl Muns

Golden Square

1st XI (vs. Bendigo United)

Liam Smith (c), Jake Higgins, Max Grant, Luke Baird, Scott Trollope, Kayle Thompson, Lachlan Saunders, Jack Keating, Mitchell Kemp, Benjamin Derrick, Scott Johnson

2nd XI (vs. Bendigo United)

Mathew Christie (c), Jackson Adams, Paul Scullie, Scott Ross, Jamie Bysouth, Zavier Abbott, Joseph Doolan, Ryan Prout, Jake Mulqueen, Hannah Flood, William Bowles, Sarah Mannes

3rd XI (vs. Bendigo United)

Matthew Nihill (c), Aaron Sims, Deepam Shah, Haydn Leech, Tomas Dingfelder, Callum Miller-Govett, Paige Conder, Jimmy Wilkinson, Ryan Henderson, Bradley Perrow, Joshua Perry, Alex Williamson

4th XI (vs. Strathdale Maristians)

Mark Burgess (c), Paul Govett, Samuel Morgan, Euan Flood, Jye Dingfelder, Wayne Dingfelder, Darren Rice, Basant Sharma, Cail Varker, Eddie Boal

Huntly North Epsom

1st XI (vs. Strathdale Maristians)

Shane Gilchrist (c), Jarrod Harris, Ryan Grundy, Abe Sladden, Flynn Campbell, Judd Gilchrist, Archer Billings, Kyen Burrill-Grinton, Sandun Ranathunga, Ben Hilson, Josh Simpson

2nd XI (vs. Strathdale Maristians)

Mark Billings (c), Mitch Harder, Tommi Raukola, Joshua Dowsing, Lachlan Wilson, Ethan Oaten, Jason Burt, connar pearson, Santosh Tata, Rohan Griffin, Bill Mackay

3rd XI (vs. Strathdale Maristians)

Denis Grinton (c), Tommi Raukola, Mitchell Billings, Jack Wilson, Adam Marwood, connar pearson, Santosh Tata, Shannon Kennedy Dee, Joshua Dowsing, Troy Young, Tyson Towers

Kangaroo Flat

1st XI (vs. Sandhurst)

Jake Klemm (c), Adam Burns, Kenny Beith, Brent Hamblin, Dylan Klemm, Kieren Burns, Daniel Barber, Christopher Barber, Campbell Smith, Clayton Smith, Daniel Pratt, Jack Rutherford

2nd XI (vs. Sandhurst)

Riley Burns (c), Robert Brown, Liam Hastie, Daniel Plowright, Caydyn Kearin, Cameron Salmon, Ryan Bell, Sean Bell, Luke Wight, Noah Cain, Brodie Newman, Anthony Brown, Joshua Hull

3rd XI (vs. Sandhurst)

Marc Beard (c), Mark Eeles, Jarrod Orton, Bradley Thomas, Mitchell Trewhella, Peter Patullo, Anthony Patullo, Daniel Simons, Kyle Symons, Ryan O'Keefe, Lachlan Taylor, Jake Hywood

Under 18 (vs. Bendigo United)

Noah Cain (c), Hayden Smith, Matt Mitchell, Cooper Orton, Nicholas Armitage, Ethan Oaten, Orin McKay, Fletcher Good, Liam Rielley, Blake Dowton, Lachlan McKay, Jake Wight, Izack Brown

4th XI (vs. Bendigo United)

Josh Riggall (c), Brett Scholes, Brad Orton, Matt Mitchell, Cooper Orton, Jack Burns, Orin McKay, Lachlan McKay, Liam Rielley, Josh Covington, Josh Worsley, Jacob Szitovszky

Maiden Gully Marist

Under 18 (vs. Strathdale Maristians)

Mitchell Hancock (c), Connor McKenzie, Jordan Rainbow, Lewis Bunton, Zac Justice, Sophie Fisher, Callum Garlick, Harry Mannix


1st XI (vs. Kangaroo Flat)

Joel Murphy (c), Jack Ryan, Shane Robinson, Taylor Beard, Ben Leed, Liam Stubbings, Jasper Langley, Nick Gladman, Ben Yarwood, Zachary Sims, Joel Schneider

2nd XI (vs. Kangaroo Flat)

Alex Winfield, Kayde Howard, Logan Kirkwood, Fraser McKinstry, Mitchell Connell, Logan Van der Hagen, Reece Yarwood, Thaine Bake, Joshua Scott, Jay Thakar, Will Barnham, Dylan Gibson, Nahid Hossain, Patrick Stanton

3rd XI (vs. Kangaroo Flat)

Oliver Maher (c), Michael Coombs, Martyn McDonnell, Jacob Smith, Fraser McKinstry, Andrew Brown, Thaine Bake, Joshua Scott, Patrick Stanton, Jake Medhurst, David Lowther, Josh Robinson

4th XI (vs. Strathfieldsaye)

Martyn McDonnell (c), David Hancock, David Lowther, Blair Robinson, Finn Millar, Mohammed Ryan Syed, Jonno Van der Hagen, Patrick Stanton, Dustin Murley, Tyson Turner, Travis Edwards, Patrick Boylson, David Hunter

Strathdale Maristians

1st XI (vs. Huntly North Epsom)

Jack Neylon (c), Linton Jacobs, Jacob DeAraugo, Sam Johnston, Jack Pysing, Daniel Clohesy, James Barri, Matthew Wilkinson, James Vlaeminck, Thomas Purcell, Charlie Ryan

2nd XI (vs. Huntly North Epsom)

Jonathan Davidson (c), Shane Koop, Ryan Haythorpe, Michael Prowse, William Purcell, Liam Nihill, Blake Barri, Tadhg McBurney, Wil Tuohey, Shenal Fernando, Jaryd Wishart, James Schischka

3rd XI (vs. Huntly North Epsom)

Will Edwards (c), Daniel Peterson, Richard Murphy, Brent Anstee, Liam Ledwidge, Samuel Coughlin, Patrick Murphy, Ethan Maltby, Ash Stewart, Rohit Sharma, Uday Nakka, Rohithreddy Kandi

Under 18 (vs. Maiden Gully Marist)

Callum Thompson (c), Max Schintler, Jack Smith, Jack Pysing, Xavier Carter, Kael Rainey, Senna Marsili, Tadhg McBurney, Jack McCullough

4th XI (vs. Golden Square)

Anthony Purcell (c), Harry Purcell, Thomas Smith, Sebastian Rossi, Louis Eddy, Xavier Grant, Travis Eddy , Aydin Price, Jack McCullough, Jack Spencer, Byron Ritchie, Lewis Ritchie


1st XI (vs. White Hills)

No team provided

2nd XI (vs. White Hills)

No team provided

3rd XI (vs. White Hills)

Chris Cullen (c), James Brown, Leon Reidy, Brenton Jones, Brent Hargreaves, Matthew Wight, Stephen Brown, Max Beever, Brandyn Barilari, Justin Hargreaves, Joshua Di Camillo

Under 18 (vs. Bendigo)

Jedd O'Keefe (c), Bayden Hunter, Nathan Di Camillo, Cooper Watson, Mason Horne, Aston Wilson, Jett Grundy, Jason Pohlsen, Ned Budde, Daniel Butler, Jack Bell

4th XI (vs. Sandhurst)

No team provided

4th XI (vs. White Hills)

Brent Yates (c), Marty Harris, James Balic, Jonty Yates, Jackson Harris, William Robinson, Glenn Dashwood, Girish Basappa, Jack DeAraugo, Aydan Hand, John Robinson

White Hills

1st XI (vs. Strathfieldsaye)

Mitchell Winter-Irving (c), Caleb Barras, Gavin Bowles, Rhys Irwin, Oliver Geary, Ben Irvine, Jack Bourke, Oliver McMurray, Kyle Patten, Brayden Stepien, Lincoln Jacobs

2nd XI (vs. Strathfieldsaye)

Tom Schultz (c), Harry Ukich, Darcy Irwin, Xavier Dunham, Tobias Geary, Nicholas Lowes, Riley Fitzpatrick, Angus O'Brien, Brodie McRae, Nicholas Wallace, Justin Slattery, Jayden Sheean

3rd XI (vs. Strathfieldsaye)

Jack Maher (c), Patrick Egan, Daniel Atkinson, James Mannix, Jordan Bonanno, Mitch Davey, Blake Aylett, Samrath A Tiwari, Harshil Arora, Nicholas Wharton, Reilley Porter, William Sexton

4th XI (vs. Strathfieldsaye Jets)

Peter O'Brien (c), Ovee Bhuyan, Damien Nowell, Xavier Ilott, Jack McMurray, Samrath A Tiwari, Oliver Salter, Harshil Arora, Lucas Rice, Michael Dobson, Robert Ilott, Thomas Piazza

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