Rashi Calculator: What is my Rashi? (2023)

You often ask - what is my rashi/rasi? Know the accurate answer of this questionwith our Rashi Calculator. In other words, Rashi is a zodiac sign where moon isplaced at the time of your birth in your Kundli. You need to insert your birthdetails and find your rashi sign now:

Rasi calculator would enable you to know the sign in which your moon is placed inyour natal chart. In other words, It is basically your Moon sign. Moon is the representativeof Mind in Vedic Astrology. Allthe activities carried out by a human are determined through the planet Moon andits placement also signifies the action and reaction of a person. It totally dependsupon the mind how we are going to perceive the things and how we are going to takethe necessary steps. Birth Nakshatra is also analysed through the Moon Sign as it signifies the mentalstability of a person. To better understanding of rashi sign, you need to firstunderstand about the rashi lord and planet moon in Astrology.

Planet Moon and Rashi Lord in Vedic Astrology

Rashi Lord is the planet in which planet Moon is placed. The rashi Lord name isgiven below:

  • Sun: “Sun” is known as the “King” of Celestial Cabinet. Sun is a hottestplanet among all. It represents the Government or Authoritative position in thesociety. It shows our “Soul” and “Father”. It confers the energy to all the planets.It illuminates the whole world through its brightness.

  • Moon: Moon is considered to be an important planet among all as it represents“Mind” of a person. It is also considered as “Queen” of Celestial Cabinet. It showsprivate sectors or “Private Government”. It denotes our “Mother” in astrology.

  • Mercury: This planet exhibits the quality of “Prince”. It is a planet whichindicates the logical ability or calculative ability of a person. Mercury dealswith Mathematics and it also provides the knowledge of “Astrology”. It is very nearerto the Sun. It is also considered as “Messenger of God” and deals with our communicativeability.

  • Venus: Venus is theplanet which everyone seeks for and it acts as a “Princess” in the Celestial Cabinet.Venus shows Love, Romance, Beauty and any kind of relations in one’s life. It representsthe wife, girlfriend or any girl in Men’s Birth Chart. It is significator of marriagetoo. It denotes the monetary value or finances of a person.

  • Mars: Mars is a Commander In Chief or Soldier of Celestial Cabinet. It indicatesour fighting ability and aggression. It gives us immense courage to tackle any situation.Mars is always in “Hurry” and ready to fight. It always respond so quickly or exhibits“activeness” of a person.

  • Jupiter: Jupiter is the “King’s Minister” in the Celestial Cabinet. It showsthe Wisdom of a person. It also shows the “Gurus” or “Teachers” which are runninginto our life. It denotes the “Husband” in woman’s chart. It is religious and mostbenefic planet in Astrology.

  • Saturn: Saturn is “ Servant” of the Celestial Cabinet. It shows the massesor public. It is known for its judgment. It gives you marks according to your Karmaperformed during current birth. It is a very slow planet and takes time to provideyou results. It indicates your patience level.

Now let’s move on to the Moon as it is also important while analysing rashi in one’sbirthchart.

Moon is luminari and second most important planet in Astrology. It reflects emotions and feelings of an individual.Sun signifies your soul whereasMoon signifies your Mind. Both the luminaries are very important to illuminate theworld and the reason being, life exists on the planet Earth. Astronomically, Itis not a planet, however, it has been included as a planet in Astrology. Our rashicalculator helps you to find your moon sign and understand its effect on you,your emotions, and your personality.

Maintaining harmony in every relation in human lives is very important. It indicatesthe mental and emotional power to face any situation and also maintains the balancebetween each other. It governs “Cancer”sign and gets exalted in “Taurus:”

It is believed as a female planet. It is functionally benefic in nature. The strengthof planet Moon can be analyzed through the Planet Jupiter as combined effect of these two planets indicate wealth, wisdomand prosperity. These two planets are natural friends to each other and cause thehappiness in one’s life in any era.

If we talk about Astronomy, then It becomes the smallest planet among all the otherplanets but marks huge impact on earth due to its closeness. It is very closer tothe Earth so it affects us a lot, especially to the women due to its feminine nature.Planet Moon has been given much importance by ancient sages, even more than Sunat times. Moon doesn’t have its own light, but It illuminates itself with the Sunlight.

It shows Water, it represents the fluid in our body. If it is placed positivelyin your horoscope, then it willbless you with mental peace and happiness. On the other side, if it is afflictedby malefics, then it may cause depression, mental stress in one’s life. You maynot receive proper nourishment from your mother if Moon is afflicted in your horoscope.In some cases, you may lose your mother at an early age in such case.

Birth Rashi or Moon sign plays a very prominent role while analysing the Natal Chart of an individual. Planet Moon represents the emotions, psychologicalbaggage etc in one’s life. It also represents the “Mother”. It is all about Nourishmentand nourishing the things, taking care of everyone in the environment like a motherdoes for her child.

Rashi sign chart enables you to get a clear picture of your emotions. It has beengiven the special preference at the time of marriage.

Importance of Rashi Sign

You may have questions in your mind, like, What is my rashi? Why do we calculateRashi Sign? Rasi Calculator can give you the brief idea about your rashi sign. Youcan easily find your janma rashi through this rashi calculator. Rashi can alsoprovide you information related to your Moon sign. Let’s understand the Importanceof Rashi Sign:

  • It reveals many information related to personality, character, nature, behaviour,likes and dislikes and your inherent attributes.

  • Rashi Sign can help you to determine your fate in order to drive yourself towardsthe right path.

  • Rashi Sign plays pivotal role in finding your compatibility with other people, especiallywith your partner. It can be your mother, brother, friends, father, lover, wivesor anyone running into your life.

  • It enables you to sustain the long lasting and harmonical relation with everyone.

  • It derives your life path, luck, mental compatibility with the second person bornunder certain Moon sign.

  • You must know your rashi sign to proceed through Indian Vedic Astrology. IndianAstrologers predict events or day to day life scenarios based on Rashi Sign.

  • Indian Astrologers consider Rashi Sign as first house and then provide the predictionbased on the Gocher or Transitof this planet into various houses.

Twelve Rashi Signs based on Zodiac

Rashi sign can be of 12 types as we have only 12 Rashis or Zodiacs defined in Vedic Astrology. Let’s understand below how your mindand emotions will behave if Moon is placed in various listed signs:

  • Aries: You may be very eccentric, impulsive, impatient and active learner.

  • Taurus: Moon gets exalted in this sign. It is a favourable sign of Moon.Person will be mentally stable.

  • Gemini: You will be very dual in nature through your mind.

  • Cancer: You will be like a mother for all, who takes care of everyone likea Mother.

  • Leo: You will carry attitude like a Lion. You are born leader and royal mindedperson.

  • Virgo: You are very practical in your approach.

  • Libra: You are balanced through mind. However, you need to balance thingsin order to get satisfaction.

  • Scorpio: It is not a favourable position of Moon. It indicates lots of fluctuationsin human mind depending on the other aspects and planetary alignment present inone's horoscope.

  • Sagittarius: You are inclined towards religion as it is dharma house.

  • Capricorn: You are very stable with your thoughts and also very rigid inyour approach.

  • Aquarius: You are social, communicative and want to be the part of many differentsocieties or communities.

  • Pisces: You are inclined towards spirituality and your mind will be indulgedinto some different worlds.

Therefore, Rashi Sign is very important with regards to every aspect of your life.If you are happy through your mind, then everything out in the world makes you morehappy. If you are happy inside then you can spread the same happiness to the worldaround you. So it keeps on encouraging like a cycle of happiness.

We hope that you like our Rashi calculator and find out your moon sign accuratelyas per Vedic Astrology.

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