Tips for using the best laser measuring tool

Using a laser distance measuring machine contributes to improving work efficiency as well as accuracy in measurement. You usually use a laser distance meter for measurement work that requires skill. This is a popular product on the market today with many outstanding features. However, do you know all about this product? The product is a useful assistant for many engineers at large & small projects. In the following article, we will share with you some tips for using the best laser measuring tool.

How to use a laser measuring tool correctly

Change units the right way

This is the first tip you cannot ignore while using the laser distance meter. Usually, the device has many different types of laser measuring devices, and each will have its way of changing the unit.

  • GLM 30 and GLM 40 share the same unit conversions. You leave the device in Off mode and then hold down the power button On / Off until the unit of measurement according to your wishes.
  • GLM 50 and GLM 7000 are more convenient because of the unit adjustment button design.
  • GLM 80, GLM 100, and GLM 250 VF: You enter the machine’s setting mode by pressing the FUNC button. Then the screen will appear setting display, and you continue to push the FUNC button until you see the unit installation. You adjust the unit by the (+) (-) button.


How to turn off the laser measuring tool correctly

If you are familiar with this product, this is probably the simple thing for you. But for new users, it should be noted, to turn off the device, you press and hold the On / Off button. When that, the device will turn off automatically after 5 minutes when no longer used. Most cashew devices have the same working principle.

Storage helps extend the life of the distance meter

When the device is close to running low and indicates a small battery, you do not try to continue using the method. For the mechanism to promote high accuracy when measuring, you should replace the battery immediately. However, it is not necessary to install the battery in any way. You should make sure you use the battery properly, avoiding the use of both old and new cells.

For a long-distance meter to work, you should keep the device clean, clean it regularly. Note, you should not use a cleaning solution or water. It would be best if you used a soft cloth to clean the display.

It will help if you put your laser ruler in your bag to protect the device, avoid energetic collisions, increase durability for the machine. Also, it would be best if you made sure that the invention is not in a wet place.

What to do when the laser measuring tool screen goes wrong

The standard screen errors that a lot of consumers encounter are blurred screens, blinking screens, full display screens, no laser … If your laser measuring tool has the above expression, then all you need to do is to check the batteries and replace them quickly. If, after changing the battery, the distance measuring device still does not work correctly, you should take it to a service and repair center. You do not repair it yourself by removing the tool because doing so will cause more severe damage to the equipment.

In conclusion

The application of laser measuring tools in everyday life is no longer new, especially with interior and exterior designers, geodetic engineers, and construction engineers. But how to use this device properly to avoid damaging the equipment and causing harm to people around it is a matter that needs more attention before using the method. With the above sharing, I hope users can choose for themselves the best laser measuring tool and use the machine properly, effectively, improve the quality of work, help the device promote the efficiency of it.


Why should we consider buying the electric cutting pliers to use?

It can not deny that people have already invented so many different modern machines and devices that are applied widely in our life with high applications. With the ever-changing our world nowadays, people need to invent many types of modern machines and devices that can respond to the needs of a lot of people. We could not deny that thanks to modern machines and devices, we can improve the quality of life and develop our society. So in this article, I will introduce to you one of the modern devices that have high applications in many important areas of society called the electric cutting pliers. So let’s follow my article to see that the electric cutting pliers are very useful in our life.


What are the electric cutting pliers?

I think that this is a question that many of us want to know the answer. Because if we want to understand deeply about any things, we have to understand its definition first. It can be seen that the electric cutting pliers are very popular with many people and widely used in many different fields of our society such as the electricity works, mechanical works, and telecommunication works. So firstly, let’s find out the definition of the electric cutting pliers. The electric cutting pliers are a handheld tool that is designed to hold objects firmly. this tool can be considered as one of the most important devices that are designed by the intelligence and creation of human nowadays. Besides, the electric cutting pliers are also very useful for bending and compressing a wide range of materials. So we can see that the electric cutting pliers have high applications in our life. Moreover, there are so many pliers on the market nowadays with many different types, colors, structures, and sizes. That makes us have a lot of opportunities to choose the best pliers set that appropriate with our needs. However, that also makes us more difficult when choosing pliers. Because it is very difficult for us to choose suitable pliers if we do not understand deeply about these tools.

The general structure of the electric cutting pliers

We can see that most of the pliers have two main parts including the head and the body of the pliers. However, each plier will have different structures to show their different functions in our life. And the electric cutting pliers are not excepted.

  • The head of the electric cutting pliers: the head of this tool is made of hard steel that is one of the important advantages of the electric cutting pliers. The reason is that this head of the pliers will have good resistance to strong impacts from outsides.
  • The body of the electric cutting pliers: this part is made of high-quality plastic so it has good insulation ability. Besides, during the process of working, this part can resist slippery and ensure maximum safety for users.

The prominent advantages of the electric cutting pliers in our life

We can see that the electric cutting pliers play an important role in our life because this tool is widely applied in many important areas of our society. So have you ever thought that what makes the electric cutting pliers so popular with many people nowadays?. I will give you some important advantages of the electric cutting pliers in our life below.

  • The electric cutting pliers are very easy to use: this device can be considered as one of the most popular devices that are designed with a compact and simple form. That is a feature that makes this tool widely applied in many different fields of our society. With a compact design, it is very easy for users to use this tool. Moreover,  electric cutting pliers can be suitable for every age to use from young people to old people. The electric cutting pliers are also very safe for users because most parts of this tool are made of high- quality materials.
  • The electric cutting pliers bring us high efficiency during working: it can be seen that the electric cutting pliers can be considered as one of the most important devices that are very popular in much different industry such as the electricity, mechanical, and telecommunication industry. The electric cutting pliers are one of the most important tools in the box tool of each electrician and mechanic in working. This device can work at high speed and bring us high efficiency. With the compact and simple design, I think the electric cutting pliers will be the best choice for the electricians and mechanics in working.
  • The electric cutting pliers are quite cheap on our market: although this tool can be cheaper than other devices, it can bring us a lot of benefits. Besides, this device is also durable over time so we can use it for a long time.


With some information about the structure and advantages of the electric cutting pliers in this article, I wish you could get and choose the appropriate pliers for your needs.


Sliding table saws: An indispensable tool in the industry

With the speed of development along with fierce market competition, the production of good quality products, low cost, and high aesthetics is the top concern of wood enterprises. Therefore, applying modern machinery to production is very necessary to solve the above problems. If in the past, hand saws were the products found in most woodworking factories, the modern table saw was now replaced. However, table saws are also divided into many types such as portable table saws, cabinet table saws, sliding table saws, …

Today’s article, I will mention the two-blade sliding table saw that is improved safety, ease of use minimizes excess labor and is widely used by furniture manufacturers.

Benefits of using a 45-degree 2-blade sliding table saw for manufacturing factories

The machine design is integrated with the smartest technology from advanced countries.

The design is compact, durable, so it is easier to store and move, not occupying much area of ​​the interior workshop

Powerful machine capacity can operate continuously for a long time without sacrificing quality.

The machine table is wide and quite stable, making it more smooth.

High-quality standard motor, integrated by the main engine and bait engine, helps the machine to run stably

Machine design is unique, should be a lot of furniture factories preferred.

Thanks to the reversing feature, the machine can cut in many different directions very conveniently

The handgrip of the machine is designed to fit, creating a comfortable feeling when working. High handle roughness, anti-slip effect, create a safer feeling when using.

The saw controller has buttons to adjust the main saw blade, saw blade for bait and emergency shutdown button. The up and down blade control system is displayed on the screen, making it easier to adjust and make cutting more accurate.

Saw with powerful 7.5kw motor. The sliding table is made of durable aluminum alloy material, providing high precision.

Because of the saw blade tilting system, the double-blade sliding table saw can tilt the saw blade itself to ensure that the cutting of the plank is accurate to millimeter even in case of inclined cutting.

Instructions for operating sliding table saws

Step 1: Prepare

   Check the source voltage: Power supply using 3 phase – 380V.

   Install the dust collector.

   Check safety before operating the machine.

Step 2: Operation

Turn on CB source. At the same time, the E.M.G Stop button is in the open state, then the light source.

Adjust the height of the main saw blade by hand with the up/down symbol below the machine.

Adjust the tilt from 0 ~ 450 with the handwheel with the tilt symbol below the machine. When adjusting the tilt on the control surface, the actual number is displayed.

Adjust the saw blade up / down, over / back with 2 knobs below the table (right in the body).

Adjust the dimensions according to the workpiece size and the size to be cut.

Operate sliding table saws

Start the main saw blade (blue button with the main saw blade icon).

Start the bait saw blade (the green button has the symbol of the bait saw blade). 

Note: it is necessary to start the main saw blade before the bait starts.

For planks to cut. Use the thrust to slide the table.

Step 3: Turn off the device

Press the E.M.G Stop button

Push the table to the middle and lock the table.

Turn off CB source.


Some notes when using table saws


  • When using the machine, wear protective gear
  • It is necessary to check the machine before using it, in case the machine is stuck or cracked in a certain part to help the user safety.
  • It is recommended to install an automatic circuit breaker and clean the machine after using it with a soft brush, or you can use a blower to blow away the dirt.
  •  To use the best sliding saw or other machines like the best portable table saw, there should be regular periodic checking to increase the life of the device.

To sum up

I have introduced you to the characteristics, usage, and storage when you buy this type of slide saw. Hope it will help you somewhat.


Should choose expensive or cheap fabric moisture meter?

Fabric moisture meters today are commonly used with convenient smart features that play an important role in measuring the moisture content of fabrics. It can measure a lot of fabric yarns and provide accurate parameters quickly.

Currently, the market sells a lot of moisture meter with various models, the price difference comes from many big brands in the world. This will help consumers have more choices for their products. However, “quality is always followed by cost”.

In this article, I will discuss two types of machines: expensive and cheap. Each type has different benefits and applications. Therefore, Depending on your needs and budget. Let’s choose the best moisture meter for you.

The following reasons explain why we should invest in a genuine quality fabric moisture meter.

Reason 1: Buying a cheap moisture meter will have many disadvantages

It is no coincidence that the fabric moisture meter is sold at an unusually low price. Usually, the item will have quality problems, or it may be a delicately counterfeited product. For unusually cheap products, inexpensive materials and the overall texture in the machine are s easily damaged, causing inaccurate measurement. Therefore, buying cheap measuring equipment will be risky.

Reason 2: Ability to provide accurate parameters

A moisture meter with outstanding features, big brand, it will easily find much more accurate moisture than low-quality meters. Characteristics of work require high accuracy as in large fabric trading companies. To make a quality product that satisfies consumers. Experts need to use a moisture meter that can measure the most accurate humidity. With cheap measuring devices, there is often a big error.

Reason 3: The feature of a cheap fabric moisture meter is usually simple

Humidity meters need to pay extra money for additional features, such as fixing or correcting the temperature. These features make it much easier for users to use than cheap moisture meters. Cheap moisture meters will have simple features and can only be measured at a low level.

Reason  4: Term and warranty service

Another reason for choosing a high-quality moisture meter is warranty service. Quality products will have a reliable, long-term, durable warranty service. If you buy cheap products, the time to use the machine and the warranty is very short. When the warranty is over, you will have to buy a new moisture meter again when the cheap unit stops working correctly.

The necessary notes when buying cheap moisture meters

We do not always need to buy quality fabric moisture meter at a high cost. For those who need a simple, short-term measurement of fabric fibers, choosing a cheap cloth moisture meter is also a good choice. But you should keep in mind the following issues. To choose a cheap and good quality moisture meter.

Note 1: Select a moisture meter according to its intended use

The fabric moisture meter is very diverse, each machine has its own functions. Therefore, you should rely on your goals and needs to choose the fit product. Each machine will promote the strongest position for a specific type of fabric, yarn, cotton. So, choose to buy a machine that suits your needs.

Note 2: Pay attention to the brand of the product

The brand of a fabric moisture meter is also something that you should care about because the brand is proof of product quality and customer reliability. A genuine fabric moisture meter with a well-known brand and trust will surely guarantee the products of unknown origin, floating in the market.

Note 3: Select a reputable address to purchase

The first thing when buying cheap fabric moisture meter or any item, you need to find a well-known store where many people prefer. And only reputable addresses provide genuine measuring devices for you to choose.

Note 4: Spending time to observe outside the product will not be excessive

When you first buy a new low-cost moisture meter, that product needs to be 100% new. The design must be clear, beautiful, logo, brand, model of the product clearly printed, there may be anti-counterfeit stamps, quality assurance stamps, etc. For products of counterfeit goods, colors will be Inferior, the logo details, designs will also print less quality, perishable…. The habit of observing carefully when buying goods will also help you avoid the ” to spend money (on a quack doctor) and only get worse”


I have introduced you to two types of moisture meter: expensive and cheap. Depending on your needs or your budget. Let’s choose a suitable machine for you.


Best Hand Saw Reviews

Hand saw is a cutting tool used for cutting or trimming wood in different shapes and volumes as per the requirement in carpentry work. It consists of a blade and a handle, very easy to handle and can be carried anywhere with ease. Hand saws are of various types, few of them are mentioned below


Most Commonly Made Mistakes While Trying to Text Your Ex Back – And How to Avoid Them

Breaking up with one’s partner is never an easy thing and is normally attributed to some mistakes that were committed by both individuals during the relationship. It could be that one of you cheated or perhaps there was a huge communication gap. The end result was putting an end to it all and going different ways. You may be thinking that you already know all these things, now how to get your ex back. Well, as a starting point, you must first understand the reasons why breakup happened in the first place.

One of the most common mistakes often made while trying to get back with one’s ex is trying to tell him/her that you both were always meant to be. Sending such messages unknowingly puts pressure on your ex and makes him/her feel uncomfortable. It is the last thing that one would want to feel – pressure of knowing that he/she needs to live up to your expectations of him/her being your soul mate. Another commonly made mistake by people is apologizing continuously. All of us make mistakes and it is all right to be in wrong sometimes. You need not say sorry at the drop of hat every time. No one is perfect and mistakes are part of life. Saying sorry over and over again can get annoying for the other person and result in him/her distancing himself/herself from you.

Now that we have somewhat covered up few of the commonly made mistakes, let’s throw light on some more that are often made post the breakup. I can claim with certain amount of confidence that you started texting or calling your ex within the first week of your breakup and said things such as, “I promise to never do it again” or “baby I’m extremely sorry.” These are some of the worst things you can do while trying to text your ex back.

Don’t utter a single word

It is sometimes important that you completely cut off all channels of communication with your ex after the breakup, regardless of how desperate you may be feeling to speak to him/her. Sending continuous text messages or calling repeatedly is only going to annoy and upset your ex even more. Instead, try not saying anything at all. You may be wondering how is this going to help you get your ex back. Give me an opportunity to explain myself here. When you refrain from texting your ex, it will result in him/her missing you and starting to remember the better times both of you shared together. It is a commonly known method which is often used by guys and girls to hook up with each other. The amount of attention you give to your ex is inversely proportional to the interest he/she will show in you. I’m sure you don’t believe me as of now. Why not go ahead and try it yourself? I can guarantee that it will eventually help you in reopening the communication channels with your ex, eventually resulting in both of you getting back together. It is an often neglected step which can completely turn the tables and transform you from being the pursuer to becoming the pursued.

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Smart Strategies to Text Your Ex Back

Breakups are very hard to handle, especially in cases wherein one feels genuinely attached to the other person. Getting a relationship back on track is any day far more difficult than starting a new one afresh. Reopening the communication lines with one’s ex is never a straightforward affair. It can get highly frustrating when one cannot elicit a response to one’s text messages and/or calls.

It could be that your text messages are loaded with desperation or perhaps you have been saying all the wrong words to put your partner off and push him/her away even further. While trying to text your ex back, it is important that you first become aware of the right points to focus on. Following are a few tips to help you successfully text your ex back.

Tip number 1 to text your ex back – keep your text messages neutral

Whenever you feel like sending a text message to your ex, it is important that you stop, think and decide about the things you are going to write. Many times your ex may simply disregard your messages just because they are either full of anger or full of mush. Always use neutral and wise words to start your text messages. Keep in mind that it is the first message which will make or break the attempt to initiate a conversation to get back with your ex. Never get too emotional, especially when sending the first text message after the breakup. Neutral text messages like, “how are you right now?” Or “how did you day go?” have a far better chance of getting a reply in comparison to messages like, “I desperately need you back” or “I enjoy you.”

Tip number 2 to text your ex back – fascinate him/her with your conversation

Once your ex has replied to one of your initial messages, it is important that you continue the conversation by using neutral and fascinating topics. Steer clear from intimate topics which might end up making him/her feel uncomfortable and completely quit responding to your text messages. The essential point in any such conversation is trying to comprehend what other person is saying and replying in accord to that. Give him/her enough time before jumping into topics related to relationship as it may be too premature to talk about them.

Tip number 3 to text your ex back – never bombard your ex with continuous text messages

In case your ex is unable to reply quickly to your text message, avoid shooting continuous text messages to him or her. Give him/her ample time to think about his/her reply. This is all the more important if it is a very fragile topic that you are discussing. Give him/her a breather prior to shooting one text message after the other. Also stay away from begging for a response as you may end up sounding desperate. Hold onto your horses and practice patience; there are good chances that you might get the reply you want and things may start moving in the right direction.

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3 Most Powerful Methods to Get that Call Back from Your Ex

So, the question we’re looking at is how to text your ex back? Are there any secrets you can employ to make sure that he/she gets back with you? We’ll address many such questions in this article, but first let me break a bad news as well as good news to you. The bad news is that there is no particular text message you can use which will guarantee that he/she will get back to you 100%. The positive news is that there are certain promising tips you can make use of to at least make him/her think seriously about giving it a fresh start.

Please keep in mind that the methods we will touch upon in this article are not to be used in the absence of a well laid out plan. If you manage to arrange a meeting with him/her by sending him/her that perfect text message, but have nothing to say when you meet, he/she may not entertain you again and it may be the end of the road for you. It is of great importance that you become aware of things you need to do once you have slightly drawn him/her back into your life.

Let’s now discuss the three most important methods of literally forcing him/her to get back in touch with you after reading that message.

Use the curiosity factor – There is nothing that works as better as the curiosity card. However stupid it may sound, consider the idea of letting your girlfriend/boyfriend know that you are thankful for the favor she/he has done to you. In all likelihood, she/he may not get any sleep at all that night after reading your text message. This method works 99% and is a surefire way of making him/her sending you a return text message or calling you back. There are several different methods of employing curiosity. Put on your thinking hat and study your situation carefully. While it is important to think out of the box, you must also be honest and ensure that your story is convincing enough. Never lie to him/her to get that callback. Make sure you have a true story to tell him/her when you receive that call.

Apologize in a gentle manner – There is nothing that can portray you as a confident and mature person than offering an effective apology. In case it is you who is in the wrong, there is nothing wrong in apologizing. An effective apology is one wherein you accept your mistake and express regret for your actions. It is important that you understand the anger and feelings of your ex without getting overly needy or excited. And gentle apology will make you come across as a mature and civilized man/woman.

Your message must imply that you are in a good and happy space – There is no need to directly mention that you are very happy. It is important to use implicit methods of communicating that all is okay with you and you are feeling good. Perhaps, you can tell him/her in a casual manner that something amazing has happened, without getting into the details. It is important to play both the curiosity and happy image card to make him/her get that urge to get back in touch with you.

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Want to Text Your Ex Back – Steer Clear of these 5 Most Dangerous Steps

If you have ever wished to text your ex back post a disastrous breakup then you are probably already aware that it is not easy to find the right words. Taking out the phone from your pocket is easy, but when your mind suddenly gets shrouded with thoughts of insecurity, doubts and fear, words just don’t come out. It is common to have thoughts such as:

– Should I simply write, “Hi!”?

– Will sending a text message make me appear needy, desperate or annoying?

– Will I scare him/her away by sending some wrong text message?

– Is it that I’m giving in too easily by sending that text message? Should I make him/her miss me a bit more?

– If I receive no response, it might end up making me more upset and anxious.

– Should I be apologizing for something I might have done wrong? And many more similar thoughts.

Pretty soon you will end up just sitting still, holding onto your mobile phone and feeling completely paralyzed; not knowing what should be said or done. If all this has happened to you or is still happening, you no longer need to be worried. In this article I will share with you 5 most important tips related to sending out those important first few text messages to get back with your ex.

Prior to trying to text your ex back post a tumultuous breakup, there are some important key points that you must keep in mind. The very first text message that you send after the breakup is the one that is most important. If the first one goes right, your ex might feel open to the idea of getting back again. On the other hand, if executed wrongly, it mind end up closing all communication channels for good.

Keep these important 5 points in mind prior to sending that first text message to your ex:

– Never apologize, plead, beg repeatedly or tell him/her things such as you have changed. You need to realize that the old relationship is passé. It is now about starting afresh. You will have to make him/her open to the idea of starting a better and new relationship.

– Don’t hurry that first text message. You need to give yourself and your ex some period of zero contact (3 to 4 weeks being an ideal timeframe). It is important for you to ponder over the things that went wrong in the relationship and to come to a decision whether you really wish to have your ex back into your life or is it just an emotional weak moment you are having.

– Don’t fret if you don’t receive a response immediately. It is not uncommon to get no response at all after the first few text messages. Your first few text messages must be structured in a manner that they don’t put any kind of pressure on your ex.

– Every text message that you send must have a particular purpose. Completely avoid sending text messages that Michael Fiore terms “nothing texts” in his tutorial – Text Your Ex Back

– Refrain from talking about the relationship in the first go. You will always have time to work things out, but right now it is important to focus on the reasons which got you together in the first place, rather than the reasons which ended the relationship.