Breaking up with one’s partner is never an easy thing and is normally attributed to some mistakes that were committed by both individuals during the relationship. It could be that one of you cheated or perhaps there was a huge communication gap. The end result was putting an end to it all and going different ways. You may be thinking that you already know all these things, now how to get your ex back. Well, as a starting point, you must first understand the reasons why breakup happened in the first place.

One of the most common mistakes often made while trying to get back with one’s ex is trying to tell him/her that you both were always meant to be. Sending such messages unknowingly puts pressure on your ex and makes him/her feel uncomfortable. It is the last thing that one would want to feel – pressure of knowing that he/she needs to live up to your expectations of him/her being your soul mate. Another commonly made mistake by people is apologizing continuously. All of us make mistakes and it is all right to be in wrong sometimes. You need not say sorry at the drop of hat every time. No one is perfect and mistakes are part of life. Saying sorry over and over again can get annoying for the other person and result in him/her distancing himself/herself from you.

Now that we have somewhat covered up few of the commonly made mistakes, let’s throw light on some more that are often made post the breakup. I can claim with certain amount of confidence that you started texting or calling your ex within the first week of your breakup and said things such as, “I promise to never do it again” or “baby I’m extremely sorry.” These are some of the worst things you can do while trying to text your ex back.

Don’t utter a single word

It is sometimes important that you completely cut off all channels of communication with your ex after the breakup, regardless of how desperate you may be feeling to speak to him/her. Sending continuous text messages or calling repeatedly is only going to annoy and upset your ex even more. Instead, try not saying anything at all. You may be wondering how is this going to help you get your ex back. Give me an opportunity to explain myself here. When you refrain from texting your ex, it will result in him/her missing you and starting to remember the better times both of you shared together. It is a commonly known method which is often used by guys and girls to hook up with each other. The amount of attention you give to your ex is inversely proportional to the interest he/she will show in you. I’m sure you don’t believe me as of now. Why not go ahead and try it yourself? I can guarantee that it will eventually help you in reopening the communication channels with your ex, eventually resulting in both of you getting back together. It is an often neglected step which can completely turn the tables and transform you from being the pursuer to becoming the pursued.

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