Fabric moisture meters today are commonly used with convenient smart features that play an important role in measuring the moisture content of fabrics. It can measure a lot of fabric yarns and provide accurate parameters quickly.

Currently, the market sells a lot of moisture meter with various models, the price difference comes from many big brands in the world. This will help consumers have more choices for their products. However, “quality is always followed by cost”.

In this article, I will discuss two types of machines: expensive and cheap. Each type has different benefits and applications. Therefore, Depending on your needs and budget. Let’s choose the best moisture meter for you.

The following reasons explain why we should invest in a genuine quality fabric moisture meter.

Reason 1: Buying a cheap moisture meter will have many disadvantages

It is no coincidence that the fabric moisture meter is sold at an unusually low price. Usually, the item will have quality problems, or it may be a delicately counterfeited product. For unusually cheap products, inexpensive materials and the overall texture in the machine are s easily damaged, causing inaccurate measurement. Therefore, buying cheap measuring equipment will be risky.

Reason 2: Ability to provide accurate parameters

A moisture meter with outstanding features, big brand, it will easily find much more accurate moisture than low-quality meters. Characteristics of work require high accuracy as in large fabric trading companies. To make a quality product that satisfies consumers. Experts need to use a moisture meter that can measure the most accurate humidity. With cheap measuring devices, there is often a big error.

Reason 3: The feature of a cheap fabric moisture meter is usually simple

Humidity meters need to pay extra money for additional features, such as fixing or correcting the temperature. These features make it much easier for users to use than cheap moisture meters. Cheap moisture meters will have simple features and can only be measured at a low level.

Reason  4: Term and warranty service

Another reason for choosing a high-quality moisture meter is warranty service. Quality products will have a reliable, long-term, durable warranty service. If you buy cheap products, the time to use the machine and the warranty is very short. When the warranty is over, you will have to buy a new moisture meter again when the cheap unit stops working correctly.

The necessary notes when buying cheap moisture meters

We do not always need to buy quality fabric moisture meter at a high cost. For those who need a simple, short-term measurement of fabric fibers, choosing a cheap cloth moisture meter is also a good choice. But you should keep in mind the following issues. To choose a cheap and good quality moisture meter.

Note 1: Select a moisture meter according to its intended use

The fabric moisture meter is very diverse, each machine has its own functions. Therefore, you should rely on your goals and needs to choose the fit product. Each machine will promote the strongest position for a specific type of fabric, yarn, cotton. So, choose to buy a machine that suits your needs.

Note 2: Pay attention to the brand of the product

The brand of a fabric moisture meter is also something that you should care about because the brand is proof of product quality and customer reliability. A genuine fabric moisture meter with a well-known brand and trust will surely guarantee the products of unknown origin, floating in the market.

Note 3: Select a reputable address to purchase

The first thing when buying cheap fabric moisture meter or any item, you need to find a well-known store where many people prefer. And only reputable addresses provide genuine measuring devices for you to choose.

Note 4: Spending time to observe outside the product will not be excessive

When you first buy a new low-cost moisture meter, that product needs to be 100% new. The design must be clear, beautiful, logo, brand, model of the product clearly printed, there may be anti-counterfeit stamps, quality assurance stamps, etc. For products of counterfeit goods, colors will be Inferior, the logo details, designs will also print less quality, perishable…. The habit of observing carefully when buying goods will also help you avoid the ” to spend money (on a quack doctor) and only get worse”


I have introduced you to two types of moisture meter: expensive and cheap. Depending on your needs or your budget. Let’s choose a suitable machine for you.

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