With the speed of development along with fierce market competition, the production of good quality products, low cost, and high aesthetics is the top concern of wood enterprises. Therefore, applying modern machinery to production is very necessary to solve the above problems. If in the past, hand saws were the products found in most woodworking factories, the modern table saw was now replaced. However, table saws are also divided into many types such as portable table saws, cabinet table saws, sliding table saws, …

Today’s article, I will mention the two-blade sliding table saw that is improved safety, ease of use minimizes excess labor and is widely used by furniture manufacturers.

Benefits of using a 45-degree 2-blade sliding table saw for manufacturing factories

The machine design is integrated with the smartest technology from advanced countries.

The design is compact, durable, so it is easier to store and move, not occupying much area of ​​the interior workshop

Powerful machine capacity can operate continuously for a long time without sacrificing quality.

The machine table is wide and quite stable, making it more smooth.

High-quality standard motor, integrated by the main engine and bait engine, helps the machine to run stably

Machine design is unique, should be a lot of furniture factories preferred.

Thanks to the reversing feature, the machine can cut in many different directions very conveniently

The handgrip of the machine is designed to fit, creating a comfortable feeling when working. High handle roughness, anti-slip effect, create a safer feeling when using.

The saw controller has buttons to adjust the main saw blade, saw blade for bait and emergency shutdown button. The up and down blade control system is displayed on the screen, making it easier to adjust and make cutting more accurate.

Saw with powerful 7.5kw motor. The sliding table is made of durable aluminum alloy material, providing high precision.

Because of the saw blade tilting system, the double-blade sliding table saw can tilt the saw blade itself to ensure that the cutting of the plank is accurate to millimeter even in case of inclined cutting.

Instructions for operating sliding table saws

Step 1: Prepare

   Check the source voltage: Power supply using 3 phase – 380V.

   Install the dust collector.

   Check safety before operating the machine.

Step 2: Operation

Turn on CB source. At the same time, the E.M.G Stop button is in the open state, then the light source.

Adjust the height of the main saw blade by hand with the up/down symbol below the machine.

Adjust the tilt from 0 ~ 450 with the handwheel with the tilt symbol below the machine. When adjusting the tilt on the control surface, the actual number is displayed.

Adjust the saw blade up / down, over / back with 2 knobs below the table (right in the body).

Adjust the dimensions according to the workpiece size and the size to be cut.

Operate sliding table saws

Start the main saw blade (blue button with the main saw blade icon).

Start the bait saw blade (the green button has the symbol of the bait saw blade). 

Note: it is necessary to start the main saw blade before the bait starts.

For planks to cut. Use the thrust to slide the table.

Step 3: Turn off the device

Press the E.M.G Stop button

Push the table to the middle and lock the table.

Turn off CB source.


Some notes when using table saws


  • When using the machine, wear protective gear
  • It is necessary to check the machine before using it, in case the machine is stuck or cracked in a certain part to help the user safety.
  • It is recommended to install an automatic circuit breaker and clean the machine after using it with a soft brush, or you can use a blower to blow away the dirt.
  •  To use the best sliding saw or other machines like the best portable table saw, there should be regular periodic checking to increase the life of the device.

To sum up

I have introduced you to the characteristics, usage, and storage when you buy this type of slide saw. Hope it will help you somewhat.

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