Using a laser distance measuring machine contributes to improving work efficiency as well as accuracy in measurement. You usually use a laser distance meter for measurement work that requires skill. This is a popular product on the market today with many outstanding features. However, do you know all about this product? The product is a useful assistant for many engineers at large & small projects. In the following article, we will share with you some tips for using the best laser measuring tool.

How to use a laser measuring tool correctly

Change units the right way

This is the first tip you cannot ignore while using the laser distance meter. Usually, the device has many different types of laser measuring devices, and each will have its way of changing the unit.

  • GLM 30 and GLM 40 share the same unit conversions. You leave the device in Off mode and then hold down the power button On / Off until the unit of measurement according to your wishes.
  • GLM 50 and GLM 7000 are more convenient because of the unit adjustment button design.
  • GLM 80, GLM 100, and GLM 250 VF: You enter the machine’s setting mode by pressing the FUNC button. Then the screen will appear setting display, and you continue to push the FUNC button until you see the unit installation. You adjust the unit by the (+) (-) button.


How to turn off the laser measuring tool correctly

If you are familiar with this product, this is probably the simple thing for you. But for new users, it should be noted, to turn off the device, you press and hold the On / Off button. When that, the device will turn off automatically after 5 minutes when no longer used. Most cashew devices have the same working principle.

Storage helps extend the life of the distance meter

When the device is close to running low and indicates a small battery, you do not try to continue using the method. For the mechanism to promote high accuracy when measuring, you should replace the battery immediately. However, it is not necessary to install the battery in any way. You should make sure you use the battery properly, avoiding the use of both old and new cells.

For a long-distance meter to work, you should keep the device clean, clean it regularly. Note, you should not use a cleaning solution or water. It would be best if you used a soft cloth to clean the display.

It will help if you put your laser ruler in your bag to protect the device, avoid energetic collisions, increase durability for the machine. Also, it would be best if you made sure that the invention is not in a wet place.

What to do when the laser measuring tool screen goes wrong

The standard screen errors that a lot of consumers encounter are blurred screens, blinking screens, full display screens, no laser … If your laser measuring tool has the above expression, then all you need to do is to check the batteries and replace them quickly. If, after changing the battery, the distance measuring device still does not work correctly, you should take it to a service and repair center. You do not repair it yourself by removing the tool because doing so will cause more severe damage to the equipment.

In conclusion

The application of laser measuring tools in everyday life is no longer new, especially with interior and exterior designers, geodetic engineers, and construction engineers. But how to use this device properly to avoid damaging the equipment and causing harm to people around it is a matter that needs more attention before using the method. With the above sharing, I hope users can choose for themselves the best laser measuring tool and use the machine properly, effectively, improve the quality of work, help the device promote the efficiency of it.

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